Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So long my beautiful blog....

So I had a word-press Pro photo blog. It was amazing. I loved the design and started blogging on it last January for the new year. With the busy wedding season my blog got put off for a while and I hadn't posted anything new in a few months. Recently it was brought to my attention by a friend that my blog was gone... So I began to investigate the situation.
Apparently in Sept. when a sales person from Go-daddy called me to renew some of my hosting stuff they thought I didn't need my blog since I hadn't posted anything new recently and deleted it.. To sum things up all content is lost, design is lost, and time is lost.... So frustrating.. and now for me with a new baby on the way and not a whole lot of time to blog any way.. I feel it is best for me to go back to my simple little blogspot blog.. where I can blog for free and though I don't have as much control over my blog it's been consistant over the years and easy to use. No one can delete it, but me.. My content is safe here.

So to all the fancy pants bloggers out there who have time to design a sick ass blog and post all the time props to you folks!!
I hardly have time to post to facebook, and do people ever really read or care about my blogs anyway??? I'm not sure... but either way I'm going to hold off on the investment of a fancy blog for 2013 and put my hard earned money and time in to something I"m passionate about...

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