Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My little brother is getting married!! {Vancouver WA Wedding Photographer}

Hey Hey!

It's about time I blog... So I thought this was the perfect session to share..

My little brother is getting and married!

Here are some of my favorites from Brad and Bethanie's Engagement session! I'm so excited for their fall 2015 wedding! It's been fun so far helping them with the wedding plans. They've asked me to be the maid of honor so I won't be photographing it but I'm so happy I get to be a part of it!

We planned this fun engagement/family session with hot cocoa on a cold rainy day. I hope you enjoy the images.

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Tara Thackeray
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Welcome to the world "Baby C"::A birth story:: {Vancouver WA, Birth Photography}

Wow. 16 hours of Labor, but so worth the wait. Alexis is a rockstar of a mom.  This mama of 4 toughed it out all day without any pain medicines. She chose to do a natural water birth. I am amazed at the strength this woman has. Personally I don't think I could handle the pain like she did. After such a long day, Alexis was so tired and in so much pain but she made it and delivered a beautiful baby girl.. and I got to help pick the middle name "Luna" I suggested it since it was a full moon ;)
 She managed to look amazing the entire time she was in labor... Seriously she made it look good. I'm jealous! 
Anyway, we laughed and cried together in that delivery room and I'm so honored I could be a part of something so beautiful and special. Capturing the birth of baby C was an absolute privilege. The nurses and midwife at Peach Health SW Medical Center did a fantastic job once again. I love being there and I love watching babies being born. BEST JOB EVER!! 

Welcome to the world "baby C" I'm so glad I could be one of the first to meet you and I look forward to watching you grow! 

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Baby Rocket::A Birth Story:: {Birth Photographer, Vancouver WA}

Wow. Just Wow. If you've never been present for a birth it is seriously one of the most amazing things to witness. Capturing babies enter the world is such a privilege and honor. I can't even begin to describe the feelings and emotions I experienced in this room. All I can say is it was beautiful and miraculous and I'm so glad I could be a part of the experience.  Sometimes when people hear me talk about birth photos they look creeped out.. They think "Eww, who would want to see that." There is nothing gross about watching a baby be born... There is only Love. 

When I arrived at the Peace Health SW hospital I was worried I'd miss it... Amy was progressing very quickly. She was so calm and strong. After her epidural she was able to relax for a little while but things kept moving right along. In no time at all she was fully dilated and ready to go. The nurses were lovely and provided excellent care, making sure Amy was comfortable.  After about 5-6 pushes Baby Baby Connor "Rocket" as named by his older brother entered the world. A beautiful big 8lb 11oz, and 21.5 in. baby brother. We all cried and smiled with the nurses and Dr. They congratulated Amy and thanked her for a 'Textbook' delivery. She truly made it look easy. I've never seen a more beautiful mother. The proud father cried with us too. The look on his face as he watch his child be born was priceless. Love at first sight as his life is changed forever. Congratulations Amy, JD, Max, & Bdawg..  Thank you so much for letting me share this experience with you. 
I look forward to watching Connor aka Rocket grow! 

Tara Thackeray
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