Friday, August 15, 2014

Baby Rocket::A Birth Story:: {Birth Photographer, Vancouver WA}

Wow. Just Wow. If you've never been present for a birth it is seriously one of the most amazing things to witness. Capturing babies enter the world is such a privilege and honor. I can't even begin to describe the feelings and emotions I experienced in this room. All I can say is it was beautiful and miraculous and I'm so glad I could be a part of the experience.  Sometimes when people hear me talk about birth photos they look creeped out.. They think "Eww, who would want to see that." There is nothing gross about watching a baby be born... There is only Love. 

When I arrived at the Peace Health SW hospital I was worried I'd miss it... Amy was progressing very quickly. She was so calm and strong. After her epidural she was able to relax for a little while but things kept moving right along. In no time at all she was fully dilated and ready to go. The nurses were lovely and provided excellent care, making sure Amy was comfortable.  After about 5-6 pushes Baby Baby Connor "Rocket" as named by his older brother entered the world. A beautiful big 8lb 11oz, and 21.5 in. baby brother. We all cried and smiled with the nurses and Dr. They congratulated Amy and thanked her for a 'Textbook' delivery. She truly made it look easy. I've never seen a more beautiful mother. The proud father cried with us too. The look on his face as he watch his child be born was priceless. Love at first sight as his life is changed forever. Congratulations Amy, JD, Max, & Bdawg..  Thank you so much for letting me share this experience with you. 
I look forward to watching Connor aka Rocket grow! 

Tara Thackeray
One Love Photography by Tara
Tara Thackeray Photography
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

::a loving food fight:: {Vancouver WA Wedding and Engagement Photographer]

Keith and Bryten are getting this married this summer and I'm really looking forward to capturing their big day. What a fun way for me to get to know them better. We were able to use the kitchen in the restaurant where Keith works as the executive chef. How cool is that? You'll see in the images that these two had the best time having a food fight. I'm so glad that my clients trust my ideas are willing to try something fun and new. The experience will be something we all will remember for ever and I think the photos captured what happened perfectly. Thanks you Keith and Bryten for being such great sports and helping bring my crazy ideas to life. It was fun making a mess with both of you. I can't wait to capture your wedding. 

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One Love Photography by Tara

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Inspiration Photoshoot::Weddings::

A few weeks ago I got together with a few friends/local wedding vendors and we planned an inspiration photoshoot. The colors were gold and green with a touch of pink. I love the way everything turned out. After all the work we really should have just invited a real couple to get married. Everything looked so beautiful and my friends worked so hard. 

Wendi Renyolds and Maria Malone with Clark County Floral did all the floral design, Bouquets, centerpieces, hair pieces, floral crowns etc. They do an amazing job and I'm looking forward to doing more weddings with them this summer. If you ever need flowers for any occasion stop by their shop in Brush Prairie on 72nd and 119th or order from their website: Thank you Clark County Foral for all your hard work! 

The vintage props, ceremony seating, furniture and all other things vintage were provided by the lovelyBrandy Zimmerman at Lavena B Vintage if you have never seen her work go check out her website: Brandy is so creative and fun to work with. She has a heart of gold and at the time has such a "get it done" attitude. She spent all day getting ready for this photoshoot and brought down a truck, trailer and car full of unique stuff for our shoot. She is a very dedicated business professional and I am so thankful for all her hard work. If you are planning a wedding with a vintage theme, shabby chic theme or just want a few unique pieces to stand out at your wedding give Brandy a call the prices are so reasonable and her showroom will have you feeling inspired. Thank you Brandy for all your hard work! 
Our Beautiful cake was provided by Amanda Morgan at Fitzgerald's Bake Shop Amanda Creates custom cakes for any occasion and can even do gluten free. She is located just behind Chucks produce in Salmon Creek. She does amazing detailed work and creates cakes with quality ingredients. She is fun to work with and can make your ideas come to life. I'm looking forward to working with her more at all the weddings this summer. Check out the website for contact info Thank you so much Amanda for all your hard work! 

The models had their makeup done by the lovely Meghan Hamilton of Beauty by Meghan she did an incredible job. We were outside it was windy and not once did Meghan complain. She was fast, detailed and very professional. I really enjoyed working with Meghan. I'm impressed with how quick she gets things done even with all the distractions of kids running around while we were getting ready. The models looked beautiful. The makeup was perfect. She always comes prepared and really knows how to create any look. I love when I find an MUA I can trust to just use her judgement and creativity. Meghan offers onlocation makeup she also provides a full menu of services including waxing, airbrush tanning and more visit her website for more details: Thank you so much Meghan for your hard work! 

A big Thank you to all or our models as well. I had fun working with you and you helped make this photoshoot a success. Thank you Everyone!! 

Here are some of my favorites from the day:

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